Thursday, October 28

Plate Wall.....

Yes, My kitchen is Ninja Turtle Green.... and I LOVE it. So there. 
I've gotten a few emails recently asking how the plates are hung. I used adhesive discs. The 4" disc 
can support a plate up to 6lbs. They have little metal hooks so they're easy to hang, and the discs come right off with hot water! I got them at Hobby Lobby. 
The small ones were 1.99, the large ones were 2.99 
I got this plate with the two birds at the thrift store. I love it.
 The red plates were birthday gifts from my Mom.
She got them at an antique store in Boulder City.
 (I got an email about my gothic-shabby chic chandelier recently also. 
It was purchased a few years ago at an antique store for 45.00 marked down from 199.99)
The plates were purchased at various thrift stores.
 I am leaving room on the wall for more treasures and beautiful plates!
The Most expensive plate was 9.00, least expensive plate was .69

Oh how I love a good deal!

AND for your listening pleasure, I give to you Chromeo.
This is the first song I listen to on my early morning runs 
and believe me, I sing every single word. Love him. 


  1. That wall is awesome. If I had a house to decorate, I would totally copy you!

  2. i pretty much love your kitchen. i love green.

  3. I totally posted about this a while back! I am working on a plate wall too, I have one plate so far :D

    How did you hang them?

  4. That green is practically the same color as my dining room! I have gotten so many comments on how good it looks, but that I must be bold to paint a room that color. Love your home!

  5. loving your plate collection!

    i am on the hunt for a kitchen table...i LOVE yours! with your luck, i bet it was thrifted!

  6. the plates are hung by these little adhesive disks that have a hoop connected to them.

    The table was given to us by our old pastor and his wife. They got it at pier one and We stained it black.

  7. This is the exact color of the walls in my old bedroom! I love a good olive green with a pop of red...

    Very creative to decorate with plates.

  8. i love the plate wall..i have been wanting to do one too, but it just hasnt seemed to work out in our home. plus..we may be moving soon so i have stopped all hoo

  9. LOVE your collection of plates!!!!!

  10. This is amazing, I love the plates up the wall. And thanks for telling us how you made them stick, I was just going to ask that.

  11. Love your plate arrangement!

  12. PLEASE tell me HOW to hang the plates? I've got mine ready but not sure how to hang them...?
    Thank you!

  13. I saw your post on All Things With Purpose Thursday Link Up. So glad to know about hanging plates. I had no idea about the adhesive discs! Redoing some things in the kitchen and will probably be hanging some plates soon. Thanks!

  14. I saw a plate wall in a magazine made with overlapping city and state was unique and awesome. Collected a ton of plates from thrift shops and garage sales for several years with the intention of doing it...then couldn't figure out how to hang them...especially the overlapping. So...I sold them all at a garage sale!!!!! NOW you tell me about these discs!!! LOL However, I don't have a good wall for this anymore...will have to find somewhere to hang the plates I do have...from Mom, Grandma, collected, etc. Thank you for sharing!