Thursday, September 30

Weekly Surf + Our Week in Photos:

Photo 1: Conrad during lunch time with yogurt on his face & his little lip out. Presh.
Photo 2: Conrad at 8:00pm (when he should have been in bed....) in his pj's without shoes,
eating sea weed snack, leaving a piece of it on his face for later.....
glaring at the lady behind us at Trader Joe's. Rude.
Conrad telling me to "get out of the way of the TV, Sponge Bob is on!!! Move it mom!"
The finger under the chin gets me.

Weekly Surf:

Inspired by vintage letters
Yes, I busted out my favorite x-mas tunes this week
I need this & this & this for winter please
What a fashionable little family they are
For your little fox to wear for winter
A not-so-ugly sweater to wear to your next ugly x-mas sweater party
Drooling over this house
I'm SO painting a chalkboard-headboard in my next guest bedroom
One rebel's Guide To Joy
The inspiration for my latest craft project I'm working on at the moment 
I'm really enjoying these quotes
A lovely princess party with amazingly-creative details
This weeks running song of choice

The three of us in the car right after we left a church picnic/back yard movie night:
Clearly, our son thinks we're weird. He has no idea what he's in for.
Conrad flipping the camera off...Sinner.
And then laughing at us, laughing at him flipping the camera off. Little booger.
{Have a happy Thursday dolls! Vampire Diaries tonight!!!!!}
You can't tell, but I'm squealing.


  1. You have the best links! I always leave feeling inspired and/or drooling.

    And those Forever 21 headbands and hats, Jess or I could totally make those for you, just saying.

    Sorry I missed your chat, I was literally too busy reading your blog. But the answer is tentatively the last week of October. Certainly depending on when the baby comes of course.

  2. That second car shot is so great! I love your expressions.

  3. Fell in love with that amazing quote blog.
    Thanks for sharing!


  4. Oh, Sarah, I am TOTALLY in the market for a cute knitted head band. You'll have to hook a sister up. I'm glad you like the links ;) Can't wait for you guys to come so we can have some play dates!!!

  5. ahh!!!! he totally is flipping the camera off!! haha love it......... oh conrad :)

    happy thursday chelsea!!!

  6. Yes! We could make those first 2 links to the headbands! If I did it they would both be crocheted, maybe Sarah could actually knit the yellow one. I have some mustard yarn sitting here waiting to be used, and I have some dusty pink yarn just like the one in the picture. I was going to ask you if I could make you something in trade for some pictures of the hats and covers you bought on babies to use on my etsy site and crochet blog (which does not exist right now, but hopefully will soon!)

    And as always...Conrad is SO adorable! And I am DROOLING over that fox sweater, so cute!

  7. Yes ma'am Jess. We can certainly trade. That would my pleasure! I'll find the pics and shoot them your way! Are you going to be at the consignment sale ? I can also take some pics of some of the girls wearing hats too.


  8. You guys are a picture-perfect family! Especially little Conrad.

  9. Love Hyperballad. I just got over a major Bjork high a couple weeks ago.

  10. Jonni, I have her greatest hits dvd and went through an obsession a few years back. I'm surprised that dvd isn't broken, i watched them over and over. she's a genius.

    Mara, omg, the new season is amazing. I can't wait for you to get caught up. I SO look forward to Thursdays!

  11. Ok, I don't know what sea weed snack is, but I'd be making that face if I were eating it too, haha.

  12. Thanks for the party shout-out:) It was a blast. Miss you friend, see you so soon- YIPPEE!

  13. OMG so cute!!! cute blog!


  14. awesome links!! I saw the chalk headboard in 500 days of summer and loved it!! when i get settled somewhere, it's definitely in the running. your family is beyond beautiful!! love the blog!!! :)

  15. Your little boy is so adorable! Those eyes are amazing.

    I love vintage letters too.

    xo M

  16. You guys are the cutest family! Your little guys expressions totally remind me of Evelette's!

    Happy almost weekend!


  17. that picture of little Conrad in the cart and your description is cracking me up! loving your little family :)

  18. you are sooooooooo funny. you truly crack me up. thanks!

  19. bahahah.. "flippin the camera off... sinner."