Thursday, August 19

Weekly Surf:

A game of peek-a-boo in the curtains makes me smile from ear to ear....
Oh, how I love this little man. He takes my breath away.

Weekly Surf:

The mommy's out there need to watch this beautiful video

seeing people in love always makes me smile

a cute baby varsity jacket for your teeny-tiny quarter back!

joy x3 is oh, sooo sweet!

{such great advice. Thank you Matt Hudgins}

I want to snuggle up and sleep in this bed of ruffles

I probably listened to this song 4 times or more during my race.
{I'm OB-Sessed with this band right now!}

This photo leaves a lump in my throat. I can't get over him. I can't get over that God gave me this baby to love. What a gift. The gift of motherhood has been a running theme in my heart lately. I feel like I'm going through new and exciting seasons with him. Watching him grow and watching his eyes pop open wide at the world, seeing his wonder at it all, makes me
fall more in love.

Have a great Thursday dolls. I will be parking my butt in front of my tv with Dustin watching Vampire Diaries tonight! So excited! Thursdays are the best!


  1. My gosh that child is darling!!

  2. He is so precious. Makes me anxious for my little guy to get here.

  3. he really is so adorable.

    and why does anthropologie have to be so darn expensive?!!! the torture! i live next to one and every time i go in i am drooooooling.

  4. those are great shots!! so funny, we just had peekaboo curtain time with Lily this morning too. it's become her new thing. :)

  5. Look at that smile and those eyes! He's just so beautiful or should I say handsome? Handsomely beautiful?