Tuesday, August 17

Boots in the summer?

Yep! Boots in the summer indeed. I am very excited that August is half way over! 
Fall can't get here soon enough. We've been talking about how excited we are about pumpkin candles and cooking squash and leaving the windows open at night to cuddle under the blankets! 
Hurry fall! Hurry!
Dress: Anthropology, Boots: Banana Republic, Necklace: thrifted

I had dinner with two of my favorite ladies in the world. Bobbie and Tracy are two very dear woman who I got really close to after our mission trip to Thailand (3 years ago). Tracy is headed back in a month, along with my Dad to the same village to serve the Lord. I'm very excited for her and sort of jealous too. I can't wait to hear about her trip and what God does there.

I feel so overwhelmed by love and excitement when we get together. There is something really special and unique about the three of us (all having 20 years between us in age), getting together. I love hearing their advice and also the way they respect my youth, and my lack of experience, in receiving my advice about their issues as well. 

These dinners are really special to me. We have made it a priority to meet every so often to talk, joke, laugh, cry, pray, eat good food, drink good wine, worship the Lord by encouraging one another through each of our completely different journeys in life. These dinners have insured tight knit friendships between us and quenched our thirst for closeness and community. Losing track of time and not realizing we've been sitting at the table talking about politics, parenting, Jesus, relationships, and the dirt that life throws at us is something we've come to expect during these dinners. 
Dustin isn't surprised If I've been gone for hours when he knows I'm with them. 

I washed my hair and put on something clean for the occasion. 
I didn't smell like sun screen and b.o. 
(having just come from the park with my toddler, as per usual).
I actually showered and put on lipstick! High five! 

When they saw me they were like, "Day-um girl! Look at you with your lipstick and dress!"
to which I replied, "Really guys, I'm THAT gross? Awesome. Thanks!
Usually when they meet me for lunch or breakfast, I don't have make up on or
 appropriate-going-out-in-public attire.... so yeah, I'm a mom. Give me a break. 
I don't ALWAYS wear lipstick! 

I feel like I've hit the jack pot with these two. I feel so utterly blessed to know these woman. 
My respect and adoration goes on and on for them. 


  1. This just looks like an amazing evening out - those meaningful times are the best and age does not matter if the inner beings link like this.

    Ah and I hate when you are posting those cute adorable Anthropology clothes - this is since you cannot get them anywhere in Europe and it'd be freaking expensive to get them shipped over - grrrrrr.

  2. girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl, you so beautiful!

  3. oh my god, i NEEEEEEEEEEEED fall to get here.

  4. That dress is stunning!!! I'm also looking forward to boot season, aka autumn.

  5. loving that shade of lipstick on you!

  6. looking gorgeous. Im so ready for fall too

  7. ohhhhh boy i can't wait to get back into my BOOTS!!!
    Fall is my favorite time of year :) and it's right around the corner!

  8. Anything but sweltering heat....PLEASE.

    And kindred spirits. There is nothing like it.

  9. SO. SO. SO. in love with that dress.

  10. you are gorgeous! i love your dress!

  11. 1- boots any time!!! i love boots and am so envious that you will have fall soon. we will not have cool weather until december/january.

    2- sounds like a blessed friendship.

  12. I just told EVERYONE I plan on buying, like, two pairs of flat boots for fall and winter. Just have to find the right kind. I have these knee high socks that will look awesome with some cute flat boots and a girly little dress. I too can not wait for fall to arrive.

  13. I'm usually not excited about fall but after reading your post, I'm starting to get there.