Sunday, July 18

Surprise Baby Shower!

Here we are waiting for Sarah & Adam to knock on the door for the big surprise! 
They think they're coming over for a simple dinner at our place, Just the four of us....
 Sarah says to me on the phone, "Don't go all out with dinner, we can eat frozen pizzas!" 
Pisha, frozen pizzas!  
We threw a surprise baby shower for our friends yesterday and it was a success. 
Everyone had so much fun and Sarah & Adam were actually genuinely surprised.

 I can't believe we fit 24 people in our house! Wowza! Everyone was so cool about it though. 
They ate and hung out and the kiddos had a little dance party! It was awesome! 
Instead of doing games, we had the parents to be compete to see who could change their baby first and put the baby's clothes back on...little did they know, each baby had a big stinky in it's diaper! (melted chocolate candy bar!) I was thrilled that I found TWO plastic babies at the thrift store! The video of them changing the babies is really funny. After Adam cleans his baby, he puts it's socks on first before the diaper... He's just precious isn't he! 
I don't think she was expecting to see actual POOP (chocolate) in the baby's diaper! 
My darling Amanda who helped with everything, and the beautiful Mommy, Sarah!
Sarah & her Mom Julie! 
(The banner in the back ground was made of paper doilies)
We are beyond blessed to know such wonderful friends.
What a joy.


  1. Wow, can you come throw me a shower? Also, I am jealous of her arms. Mine DO NOT look like that right now. Also, love your skirt.

  2. oh my goodness that is so cute and i am so envious!! my baby shower only served to make me realized that nobody really cared to come. boo. lovely!

  3. you even look adorable after fashion week is over! ha. that's so sweet for you to throw such an awesome shower! looks like tons of fun!

    p/s: thanks for all the amazing comments throughout the week. you're too sweet. :)

  4. what a perfect party! i love the idea of a surprise baby shower!

    p.s. that photo of the mommy-to-be changing the diaper just kills me. i'll have to try the candy bar trick on some of my friends that are expecting!

  5. Oh my gosh how adorable are you guys! Love the dirty diaper idea. ha ha.


  6. Love it!! The banner is super awesome- you are such a great friend:)

  7. How fun and exciting!!! You look so adorable btw!

  8. What a fun baby shower party.:-) You really know how to throw one.:-) The pictures are all great and fun to watch. I love the chocolate poo-thing on the baby's diaper. It is just so funny and very clever at that.:-)

  9. That was the best shower ever! I remember that pic of me cracking up was because Adam had just said, "Remember, wipe front to back!" Haha! I don't know where he even learned that from. You are awesome!

    Love you,