Friday, July 16

Summer Fashion Week: Friday

I had a boudoir shoot today. On the drive there,  I was talking with a friend on the phone she asked me if seeing nakedness ever makes me feel uncomfortable, and I said, "At first, yeah, when you have to lift some one's boob up or adjust their lingerie, you don't want to seem "pervie" or intrusive, But now I don't at all. If you've seen one boob, you've seen'em all!" I think her imagining me lifting some one's boob up made her laugh. I was like, "What?! I'm serious! I lift boobs! What's funny?" The positioning of the "girls" can get a little tricky, especially when the subject is posed and can't move them on her own.... 

.....moving right along

 Woman really are some of my favorite subjects to photograph.

So I wore this little number. Comfy stretchy-skinny jeans make it easy to bend. 
And my signature, boring pony tail braid makes me look like a ten year old. It's whatever.
I am wearing:
Jeans: machine jeans
Belt: f21
Necklace: gifted from mom. Express. 
She's always got good taste. you know how she do. 

{Don't forget to check out what the other ladies are wearing today!}

Another pretty lady I got to shoot this week:
This sassy, little red head is Jessica. She needs to quit it. Hot damn
Yep, she's my friend, & I love her!

(the photos are a little out of focus, but I think that's just part of their charm.)


  1. love that skirt! your outfits are continually SO CUTE. :] Oh and I love the colors of your walls, btw.

  2. You crack me up Mrs. boob lifter:)

  3. Anonymous16 July, 2010

    *giggle*.... boobs... oh outfit ;-) ?

    This looks very cool and goes together so well. I love that you posted a close shot of your face, it's even cuter than the outfit!

  4. Awesome outfit. The braid is lovely. My hair is constantly in a boring ol ponytail.

    I like those photos a little out of focus.

  5. Boobie, haha!
    I wear my hair like this (it also makes me look like I am ten) it is so simple but always looks like I at least TRIED to do something with my out-of-control hair.
    Cute outfit, hilarious post :)

  6. You are incredibly adorable.
    Adorable, indeed!

  7. That necklace is beautiful. I love this outfit and that braid...I see no 10 year old here, just a super stylish momma.

  8. You make me sick. AND....I love the braid. I really really want to pull off the braid but 1)My hair needs to be longer and 2) my super fine thin hair makes it look more like a rat tail.

    You look super great.

    Also, I love that you lift boobs. Seriously, dont we all have to lift our own on occasion anyhow?

  9. Your blog has quickly become one of my favorites. (Oh yeah, and cute outfit too!)

  10. It's whatever?!? I don't think is an accessory, and I do believe that your hair today is a great accessory to the outfit you chose! Love it. Oh and have to lift the boobs a lot too...but they are my own.

  11. yeah i pretty much want your 10-year-old hairdo. i can never, ever wear my hair that cute.

  12. Love this. Love that you wore jeans under. You are so cute... always.

  13. PS....I am a fan of slightly out of focus photos. The photography student in me used to see that as a failure (I got a bad grade for something I LOVED being out of focus) but I think that is the beauty of the captured image. The little variations can change the mood and so much else. Not everything has to be so sharp and pristine at all times. Because I know that I not. :)

  14. i absolutely love your style! that necklace so rocks that outfit!!! totally inspired by you! ps. the background makes me want to redecorate a room!

  15. you are too funny. Absolutely LOVE your outfit. The necklace is killer.
    And excellent photos of your friend!
    Happy weekend!

  16. SomisSurferGirl has a point... your backgrounds always make me wanna nest. Someday I will. And when that day comes, I'll thank you. Holy schmoley, that close up really shows off your amazing eyes.

  17. i think yer mom needs to do some kind of daily outfit blog. love the outfit.

  18. I hope the photos (and boob lifting) turns out amazing. Also, I love your belt!

  19. I can never pull off the jeans and dress look! You are gorgeous!

  20. love the necklace! makes the outfit!