Tuesday, June 29

Chelsea Lately:

Conrad and his lady-love at Target yesterday. 
These kids crack me up!
(He's got teeth popping through and has been the worlds saddest teething baby.
We're STILL giving him the binky. Don't ask. It's been a bit frustrating...)
What the heck have I been up to lately you ask? Well first of all, I'm jealous of my sons new kicks. Can I have a pair in my size please?! Grammy, (Dustin's Mom is leaving to Illinois this week to go check out colleges because my brother in law is a freak of nature and was something ridiculous like 60 points away from a perfect SAT score and his brain is about to pop out of his head, it's so big. Anyway. I'm so proud of Tate, I've been bragging about him non-stop. He's been working so hard.) So my mother in law treated Conrad to some new shoes and an afternoon at her pool since she won't see him for a while. (Grand kids are spoiled!) We were laughing so hard at him that we were both crying.
There's something super funny about a naked baby butt being thrown in the air.

And more importantly:

I got to snap a pretty pregnant belly this week.
Go check out part 1 & part 2 of Adam & Sarah's maternity shoot.

Other than that... It's our anniversary this week! We both nearly forgot.
We were standing in the kitchen last night saying to each other "Holy crap! It's been FOUR years!"

Dustin has a job opportunity that we're praying about and nervous about, and I fell off of the diet and marathon training band wagon this week eating not ONE but FOUR cupcakes and more cookies than I care to share with you all. I think the stress of all of these decisions is showing up in my compulsive-eating. One day, I kept opening the fridge looking at that gorgeous little cup cake when I finally said to myself "Just get it over with! Just eat it so you'll stop thinking about eating it!" Then I ate it and said to myself "Why'd you eat that! You didn't have to eat that! You didn't have to eat FOUR either fatty!!"


All is well.


  1. Your son is so flippin' cute.

    And we all have BAD weeks. It happens. Don't fall too hard off the marathon wagon! That's what's great about the roads...no matter how long you ignore them, they always take you back. :]

  2. Love catching up on the blog~

  3. Conrad's Nikes are killer... so cute! :)

  4. Those shoes are awesome and we are totally praying for you guys about wisdom for the job decision:)

  5. i still look at your picture tee hehe

  6. oh his shoes are awesome! he is so adorable. i love your photograpy chelsea. so talented. and i do the same thing with dieting...freakin cookies!

  7. Cuuute blog! And dude.. They need those carts at our target! What!? (: