Monday, March 15

Show off your fashion: spring edition!

That was no lady-baby people, that was my husband!
I really can't believe how pretty he was... dare I say too pretty?

We know one thing for sure: Conrad is not the mailman's kid.
Here's more baby Dustin:

{Baby Dustin makes me smile}

What I'm Wearing:
Black Sabbath tee- husbands dresser
mustard cardigan: nordstrom rack
White jeans: abercrombie
Necklace: f21

{I am obsessed with tucking shirts in.
I'm not even sure if it's "in-style"
but whatever, I think it's cool.}

Why can't I stop making the Bret Micheal's-pouty-lip face you ask?
I DUNNO OK! I couldn't stop doing it if you asked me to
so don't waste your time telling me how stupid I look-
It's just a thing-OK, I can't help it!

and for whatever reason, I liked this shot.
Maybe it's because the natural light
miraculously makes my pores look smaller
and hides the flaws....yep, that's why I like this shot.

Have a funky Tuesday y'all.


  1. love it! you look so dang cute!!

  2. hahahah brett michaels. what a stud....:PPP
    you are so adorable!
    i love that michaels face.
    great outfit! <3

  3. You're adorable. I loooove your comments telling us to not tell you you're stupid because you already know it. Hhahah you're SO CUTE AND FUN. and i love that conrad looks identical to dustin when he was a baby. <3

  4. I'm so with you on tucking t-shirts in lately! I've realized that with the right jeans it can be very slimming. However, I hate when my husband tucks in his shirts. Unless the event calls for it of course.

    Loved the outfit!

  5. i love your hair! Really suits you.

  6. wow your hair! looks awesome