Monday, March 29

Spring Fashion Week: Monday

Everything has a story.

This is the story of the owl shirt:

I am wearing:
Owl Shirt: Thailand
Jeans: Express
Leather Loafers: Lands End-Thrifted

This shirt has great sentimental value. I purchased it in Thailand on a mission trip
a few years ago. I was shopping with my Dad along the Mekong river:
as we were climbing the stairs to go shop, I saw two boys jumping from a boat far off in the distance and changed my lens to get a few shots. (Is that wrong?!) I was really blown away and humbled to get to see into a little corner of their lives for that small moment. This was one of my favorite shots from the whole trip:

and right after we purchased this shirt (for something ridiculous like 3 American dollars!), my Dad made a new friend-an elderly dude with a prosthetic foot that was molded to look like an actual foot. I got a picture of it-with his permission of course. He was a kind man.
That was a
great memory.

In OTHER news. Conrad's has a new favorite face.
It's his "I'm peeved at the world" face and it looks something like this:
Or this:
The best is when he purses his lips more, starts grunting louder,
gets those eye brows going, and stiffens his arms out in protest!
The "peeved at the world" face was because I was
stopping him from doing this:

I'm such a mean mommy.


  1. The shirt is great and look how fabulously skinny you look in those jeans.

  2. Don't let the jeans fool you. I've got jumbo thighs! It's all good though. Thanks Tracy! I'm always telling you how skinny you are-you friggin' rail!

    Conrad says "Thanks Auntie tracy for my awesome spider man easter basket! You WROCK!"

    He spent the latter part of the day banging that tin bucket against the couch grunting to himself and looking through his new books. You're a sweetie pie.

    Love you! Coffee soon???!!!!

  3. the shirt. very cute.
    but i can i just say i am drooling over your
    lime green frames back there?! day, when i own a home, i will paint my walls all sorts of shades and hang up beautiful, colorful frames! for now i stick to the simple.

  4. The 'f' and 'u' in the tub with him seem to be appropriate letters to go with his peeved at the world face! haha!

  5. I noticed the "f" and the "u" in the tub and was hesitant to post a picture of it. I TOTALLY did not do that on purpose. :)

    and yes, it is nice renting a place where they encourage me to decorate. If only I could retile, throw up wall paper, put new counter tops in and fixtures. Then the world would be perfect.

  6. love the shirt. and that beautiful photograph of the boy in his boat. wow. WOW. speaks volumes. <3 love your son. hehe.

  7. I'm going to join in with everyone else: Love the shirt!

  8. super cute, never seen that shirt before? good job, sistah!

  9. My mom had it in her closet for like a year.....

    I've only worn it a few times. I thought about making a cute pillow out of it for the couch. I'd like to preserve it and not get pit stains in it.....

    Thanks doll.

  10. I absolutely LOVE your owl shirt!

  11. I think he is "peeved" because we haven't cut his hair yet.No other face would be appropriate with that hair style.

  12. i love you and i feel like conrad was trying to tell you something for taking nakey pictures of him... look at the letters in the bathtub :)

  13. Will makes that SAME FACE!! And grunts and shoves his arms at he's trying to say, "don't look at me!"