Saturday, January 23

Weekly Surf:

We're throwing down tarps and getting high this weekend! {When I say high, I mean, we're painting which could lead to a seriously psychedelic time at the Robbins house....but probably not.} I'm excited to finally have some color in my office, living room and bathroom! Then we're going to go check out the clearance section at the furniture store and see if there are any gems {when I say gems, I mean, a super-awesome couch for cheap...but I'm not holding my breath!....} Other than that, we played "Come find us!" with Dustin when he got home last night leaving a note on the coffee table. This is where we were:
We're pretty sneaky!

check back soon-more being made

vintage bots baby blankie.

sweet knitted things @ Jessica's etsy shop

Nibbs, You're adorable. Conrad needs you!

can short-er girls wear thigh high boots?

on the topic of boots....
Dustin loves these boots, he just doesn't know it yet

If money grew on trees,
I would buy one of these sofas {for sure}
For now, I'll just drool over my dream couch:

This photo gives me inspiration for what to do with that
bare wall in our room.


  1. Love the couch and LOVE the sign in the bedroom.

  2. Love those sofas! And those headbands...oh my. If only I had a haircut that was suiting for such. <3

  3. love that bedroom pic!

  4. thank you SO much for adding my blanket to your list of web finds! i am jumping with excitement and completely flattered that you love it, too!

  5. awww. thank you so much. :) your blog is soo cute.

  6. liking this surf edition.
    awesome sofa.

    found these photos and thought you would enjoy:

    check out the mustard wall with the blue plates! and the turquoise below. awesome.

  7. awe you are so great! :) thanks!