Monday, January 18


{His reflection in the hotel window
Vegas lights as the backdrop.
That handsome man turns me into a pool of goo.}

This weekend we spent the night, (well most of the night, I'll get to that in a minute) at THE Hotel at Mandalay Bay, thanks to our buddy Matt. We ate at Lupo, which was a-mazing. We did lots of people watching and jaw dropping as the scantily-clad ladies of Vegas carefully skimped by in their heels. It was almost a game to see who could spot the girl wearing a shorter skirt. Even the people next to us were playing. But more than the hookers in Vegas walking by as we ate, it was rejuvenating to catch up, reconnect, and pick my husbands brain over dinner. Afterwards we went back to our room on the 63rd floor, which was beautiful, and continued enjoying each others company in our fuzzy white hotel robes! {I contemplated "treating" myself to one but under the guilt of my husbands convicting conscience, I was told we would have to pay for it, and you don't need it, so take it out of your purse!"}

We ate spicy Cheetos in bed and watched SNL. The neighbors were blaring Kanye right around 2am, right as we were trying to doze off. So instead of inviting ourselves over to party the night away, we packed our crap and headed home to be in our own bed. Plus, I fear my OCD has rubbed off on my husband. The man who used to clean his sheets every 6 months is now particular about sheet quality and cleanliness. As we were leaving, he's all "I just really love our bed..." We had every intention of staying, but even though we didn't, It was wonderful being able to take advantage of the monster size jacuzzi (that shot water in my face unexpectedly when I turned it on. Apparently, the tub has to be filled up before you turn on the jets...) anyway. Spending time together goofing off and dressing up, hooker watching, and talking was such a treat.

{Heres me, sadly leaving the hotel at 3 am in my jammies}

{Here is Dustin, Happily leaving our hotel at 3 am.
He was way too dignified to wear his Jammies...}


  1. this sounds so wonderful!! i love that you ate cheetos and watched snl! and the picture of you leaving in your pjs is too funny!!

  2. What GREAT pics. Love it.

  3. LOL, you two sound like Braden and I. We did something a lot like this not too long ago. We made reservations at the Hard Rock...because our first date was at the Hard rock when postal service was in town. Clover was with Grandma and Grandpa. We had a really nice suite and did the whole champagne and strawberries theme LOL. I had fun getting ready in the large bathroom with millions of mirrors, it was so easy to do my hair. We went out for some sushi and then went straight back with headaches from the champagne we had earlier, our heads hurt so bad we ended up having a horrible night and could not sleep. We left first thing in the morning. lol... And don’t worry about the sheet thing, we are major freaks about cleanliness as well…lol. Hearing your little date, made me smile and think of Braden, you two are cute.

  4. He looks very GQ in that picture.

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