Friday, December 18

Weekly Surf

This This & This is what I've been up to this week

The Big Picture 2009 {part 1} these photos blow my mind

I'm a bit obsessed with head bands at the moment

Exhibit A:

What a gorgeous wreath I love how girlie and funky it is!

these shoes are simply a hoot!

perfect for dog lovers

for the dude to wear for his 1st birthday with sculls on the butt!
(perfect for his pirate themed party.
Yes I've already started thinking about his first birthday-party outfit.)

Have a blessed weekend!


  1. i have vintage metal zipper rosettes in the


  2. and i want to see a picture of you with your earrings! i wish you could be my earring model. you are perfect.

  3. It's funny, I JUST took a pic of myself with them on a few days ago. I'll post it soon.

    AND I would LOVE one of your funky zipper rosettes.

    You're so crafty nina. <3

  4. I love your net surfing posts. Today, my favorite was the 2009 photos. Absolutely stunning.

  5. Dustin introduced me to that website and we check it out everytime new posts are up.

    It's incredible the shots people get-the storys behind them, the raw emotion. I agree, they're stunning.

    the one that breaks my heart is the little girl reaching over her dead fathers casket-who died in Afghanistan. So sad and true to how A daughter would reach out to her father not realizing he's gone.

  6. looord almighty those pictures from The Big Picture, i'm in tears after seeing the fallen solider

  7. soooo, wanna advertise a flower? eh, eh?

  8. that might actually be on next weeks surf! <3

    Maybe we could give one away to a lucky reader??!!

  9. Ok girl! Pick out one that I can give away and I'll feature it on here. Send me a photo of it and we'll get you some traffic for the awesome stuff you make.

    Email me with the photo of the one you want to give:
    Hopefully we can do it by next week sometime!

    Can't wait to give one of your pretties away!

  10. What a cute lil guy!

    Your blog header is adorable!!! :-)