Thursday, November 19

Mama Birds first give-a-way!!

I came across this awesomely green 70's-ish ashtray last week at the thrift store and just knew it would be the perfect way to say to my blogger friends, "You guys e-fing rule so hard, and you just rock my world, so here's an ashtray!"

It would sit nice and pretty on your bathroom counter
to keep everyday jewelry in:

or by the door for your keys:

Just leave a comment with your email address and I'll shoot it in the mail to you!
Comments will be closed by Sunday night, and by Monday the winner will be announced.

{The next give-a-way will be truly Divine. I'm working on crafting a shabby chic jewelry organizer, I can't wait to reveal it!}

And Conrad aka Mr. yogurt/cereal
face loves you too!
He says "OK, what are you waiting for, Go comment!"
(note eye brows raised....kid cracks me up!)


  1. OMG! I used to have one similar to this and it was dropped and broke! I haven't been able to find another since! I'm in.

  2. It would also make a good ashtray!

  3. I would steal it from that guy above and definitely use it for my jewelry:)

  4. Vicky, I love it! You're soooo cute.

    Kayla, Anytime I see dishes in this green color I buy them all up. They're so rad. My Mom has a set of scarlet red dishes passed down from a couple of granny's ago in our family.

    My Mom said today on the phone "YOU'RE GIVING THAT AWAY!?" She too loves the vintagie stuff. This is SO something she would have in her house.

  5. Very Cool! ! !I was with you when you found this wonderful treasure. I also have a crystal green serving dish this same style... And I won't part with my Grandma's antique red crystal glasses & dishes until they're handed to Chelsea one day.

  6. I LOVE HIS HAIR!!! Count me in for the ashtray/jewelry holder/key holder...just a pretty nick nack. I won't put ciggy butts in it, promise.

  7. so cute!! happy weekend!

  8. I. WANT. IT.

    But you ALWAYS find us rad stuff...I feel selfish even someone else should get one of your rad finds...ummm...that being said...enter me into the drawing! =)

  9. oshkosh had a 60% off rack yesterday with a zip up sweat pant, jump suit with flowers-that I resisted the urge to buy for Eliza.

    I can't resist a good deal.