Tuesday, November 24

Around the Internet:

Excited about the next movie coming to me in the mail from Netflix.
I'm almost, kind of, sort-of-super-obsessed at this point!
{team Edward!}

Lil' Edward & Bella dolls cuz' I'm a total "die-hard-Twi-hard" now,
or so my husband says
{what does he know anyway?......team Edward!!!....}

"no" I didn't {totally did} order this book today.....
don'chu judge me!

why didn't I know about man babies sooner?? {lol}

Instead of displaying these adorable crochet ornaments
on the Christmas tree, I think the octopus, anchor, jellyfish, whale
and especially the pirate ship would make for a lovely mobile
in our future baby's room!

and while we're talkin' babies, this would be lovely in a girls room

Next time I'm pregnant, I will indeed be wearing the hell out of

I will not be overwhelmed
at the thought of hosting my first ever thanksgiving this year.
THIS GUY makes me smile and I ain't scurred of 15 people in my tiny condo!
bring'em on bitches!

That old frame I thrifted months ago and haven't found
a purpose for until now, would look amazing with this mounted in it.

Hope you're all having a blessed week!


  1. You are going to LOVE Eclipse! It's amazing. Once you get to Breaking Dawn you're going to die! I get so excited every time I find out someone my own age likes Twilight! Team Edward forever and ever! Woo!

    (For the record, I'm a totally normal person... Except when it comes to Twilight.)

  2. haha...guess what...

    theblackpumpkin is my friend Britten's shop. she and her sister lived around the corner from us growing up in CA and they are like sisters to us...in fact, she was just visiting jess in UT last week!

    and...i love shabby apple, and it happens to be owned by one of my sister sarah's good friends.

    small world, right?

  3. dude, So are you saying I'm going to get the hook up's when I get pregnant?? {smile on my face!}

    Nina, be on the lookout in your mail box. I think the mail box fairy has 2 special deliveries on their way!

    I can never just surprise you can I? I'm the worst!


  4. haha! i'm so excited! i've been struggling (that's an understatement) and getting little lovelies from my friends is the best pick-me-up.

    i am thankful for your friendship.

  5. A little birdie told me there was a certain something you needed to get you into the spirit of the season!


    {thinking about you often....in a totally not creepy, but missing you terribly kind of way!}

  6. Hey Mama Bird!! Just wanted to say thank you for giving my Bella and Edward dolls a little shout out on your blog! You are lovely. ♥

    Any friend of Christina's is a friend of mine.