Thursday, November 12

Balloon Boy:

We get a balloon everytime we go to TJ's {which is a couple times a week}. I think Conrad is some sort of celeb there {Since Grammy-In-Law is a big shot at TJ's....} He gets high fives, kisses, & is passed from person to person to get loves. He keeps comin' back for the balloon. That's all he cares about- Oh and to take sips of juice out of the big boy cups in the demo.

Today was cool enough for a hat, so he wore one.
And then it got too hot, so he took his trousers off and lounged in his diapie
to read a book that was bought special for him from his Nana!


  1. okay this is me being all creepy mommy like but my brother in law is in the medical field and they had two infants die from choking on popped ballons :( it gets lodged and it can't be removed (bc it just expands when you try to get it out) so ever since I found that out it freaks me out ha, it's the only mommy thing that I"m weird about. It's something I never would have thought off unless he told me. I hope this doesn't come off wrong at all, not my intent I was just shedding some light :P

  2. Good lookin out. Thank you for the reminder! We usually get a balloon when we got shopping.

    I'll make sure not to let him play with balloons unattended.

    That's so scary. You're not creepy at all!! You're looking out and i appreciate it!

    Hows lil' dex?!