Wednesday, November 18

Around the internet this week:

1. The next baby must have this adorable owl fabric
for his/her bed, paired with this fabric
2. I fell head over heels for this sweater
for Conrad! It must be mine! I mean....his!)
Does it come in mommy sizes?
3. Found an AMAZING swim suit {Red please!}
4. I made these cookies for the 6Th time this month.
5. Falling in love over again with this widowers blog,
his daughter, his words, & his photos of India....
6. would my kid kill me when he's older for
for x-mas morning?? Hahah!
Since this is the month for thanksgivings, today I am
thankful for sleeping in this morning &
waking up to the sound of
Dustin feeding Conrad breakfast,
singing him silly songs.
What are you thankful for today?


  1. I LOVED this blog. So many cute things, and I'm now a follower of the blog you mentioned. Great post!

  2. Yes, he is an inspiration to me. I love his courage and honesty. He's spreading the word on the struggles of widows and widowers and helping them out with his foundation which is awesome.

    I'm sure I will be linking to his blog over and over. I can't say enough about how much I love reading his posts- how they make me laugh and cry.

  3. oh dear. i've stumbled upon matt, liz and madeline before as well. oh bless his heart and his little girl's. their pictures of india are so hearth warming and breaking at the same time. bitter sweet. i love how he arranged the post with his wife in in years previous. good spot on the net, indeed.

    and on a lighter note - your next child MUST have that owl fabric. killer cute.