Wednesday, September 16

Twenty Five

Last year was my golden year. I was 24 on the 24th. This year, I'm 25!
So big sounding!

With my 25Th birth day in the near distance (a near 1 month away!), all I really want is quality time with my little family.... and if money grew on trees, I guess I'd like....

(thanks Amy!)
This is key. This will better my quality of life. Seriously.

In my 25th year, I'm going to conquer the art of baking and sewing. So i'll "kneed" to start being more adventurous in my baking indevours, and sewing indevours.
I'd like one of these please! Doesn't have to be exact.
I just want a sewing machine of some sort.

I wouldn't mind owning this camera (But I'll bet she would let me play with hers if I asked real nice!) or this camera that I lust after from time to time. Lately I've been having fun buying camera's at the thrift store for 1$- oh, what a fun surprise you are film! Digital will never compare! I went to a wedding recently and wanted to take a bunch of Holga-Esq shots to give to the bride and groom as a wedding present, but didn't have one. That would have been rad.

And since both of our parents sold our favorite childhood toys at garage sales when we moved out, I would like one of these , OR these (I'd let Dustin play with it too!) Dustin's Dad sold like 50 games with a Nintendo that was in almost mint condition for 5$, no joke. (Shaking head in disappointment.) Oh, how I yearn to play Zelda, Duck Hunt, Mario, Tetris, & Paper Boy....ahhhww my head is exploding! So many memories growing up playing these with my brother. We had every system you could imagine. It was bananas. Games are not what they used to be. Too much stealing cars and blowing up stuff, and blowing heads off, and guns. I'd like to stick to Nintendo thank you very much. I'd gladly let my son play with Nintendo.

I also recently saw these chairs:
that if i had a porch, I would love to have 6 of these babies for late night
discussions with friends.....

And I wouldn't mind having this coffee table:

And this side table:
(Modern, masculine, & antique how I love thee!)

BUT....since I'm going to be all grown up, I guess I should ask for a grown up gift this year.

So Mom, contacts will be the gift of choice this year. I need an eye exam, and some contacts.
Oh,...and cheese cake too......and a nice rummage through your closet will fulfill all of my birthday wishes.

Happy birthday to me.

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  1. matthew and i BOTH have working original NES systems and games. kinds of random that we both happened to have one when we got married. they just sit in a box in the garage, though. i'm sure our kids will get a kick out of it someday.