Thursday, August 27

When you're on a budget...

and run out of your favorite sugar scrub, MAKE YOUR OWN!

-brown sugar
-vitamin E oil

Make it as oily or grainy as you like. There's no right way to make it.

Mix it together and you have your very own (inexpensive) sugar scrub.

These were all things that were already in my cupboard.

(I suppose you could also make this scrub with salt, olive oil, peppermint extract or a sprig of rosemary and it would be just as nice.)


  1. yeahhh! love homemade masks and scrubs. plus my man lets me put the rest on his face. he secretly loves it.

  2. I made it...I love it, I don't even need to put lotion on afterwards. Mine is not as pretty as yours, I put way to much brown sugar in mine. But LOTS and LOTS of vitamin E oil cause I can't get enough of that stuff.