Sunday, August 9

This Weekend:

He gnawed on a cold, crisp stick of celery to help the teething process 

He tried on his new knitted hat & leg warmers
He giggled and screamed as Dad rubbed the bottoms of his feet against his stubble
So ticklish! 
Plumbers crack in his swim trunks!
He "Played" with Zeppelin

Auntie Julie came over to play pirates with Conrad

I feel like I'm a little obsessed with my's just that the 
"novelty" of it all hasn't worn off. I'm not sure it ever will. I thought maybe it might with all of the nights of screaming, or countless onesie poop-stain scrubbing, or crying at the slightest thought that his wicked mother would dare put him in that wretched car seat again. But it hasn't. The novelty has morphed into a sweet life, not a burden but a blessing. 

Everyday he finds something new to wrap us tighter around his tiny little finger. 


  1. The twins LOVE the celery too! It makes them quite giddy. Oh, and the leg warmers look awesome. Have a good week away.

  2. He is such a cutie.
    You will have to get him a pair of boots and a western hat in Texas. Wouldn't he look adorable in that!!
    Have a wonderful trip, take lots of pictures. I love you
    ps: Give Conrad a big hug and kiss from his GG

  3. OMG! Pyper hates her car seat too...untill she falls asleep, but if she wakes up forget about it!! He's so cute, I can't wait for Pyper to start laughing and giggling. I need to get Pyper some leg warmers before we leave for CO. I'll wear mine with her. LOL. :)

  4. He is so cute!!! I love the leg warmers and his pictures with Dustin make me want facial hair for Conrad to rub his feet on... is that weird?

  5. I swear with that sweater cap on Conrad looks just like a younger version of Chelsea in the face. He really is not only a beautiful baby, but adorably CUTE too. Good idea starting him on those watery cool celery sticks to suck on :)
    Nana Loves ya Lil' Rad-Man