Sunday, August 2

Sweet Tooth

 Reduced guilt peach cobbler- Slice & pit two fresh peaches, coat in butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, and bake for 25 mins. @ 375. Serve hot with a heaping spoonful of non-fat Cool Whip! It's like peach cobbler minus the stick of butter!  I guess it's still considered pretty fattening but it's worth it!
       Crustless cherry pie - Pit about 25 fresh cherries. Get a small sauce pan, toss in 1 tbsp. of almond extract and some sugar. Cook them cherries up until they're saucy and warm, pour over vanilla ice cream and serve!  

I can give up all of the junk except for the sweets....


  1. Yummm.... I don't normally go for fruity deserts but your pics make my mouth water:)

  2. I have to try those peaches, sounds so yummy.
    Thanks honey
    love ya