Monday, August 31

I'll know better next time.

When you're pregnant and thinking of what you'll need, you really don't know how well you'll like something until you use it. That's the frustrating part of preparing for a baby.

When we have our next baby,

I wont buy this breast pump that lost it's suction, broke when we were moving and now has to be beaten the hell out of to work properly. It helped me produce milk for 5 months, so it's not too shabby, but I'm still pissed at it for losing suction. I'm really bitter about not getting a better pump. Of all things, the pump has been the most important of all and I got the worlds crappiest pump ever invented. I didn't think I'd be pumping as much but my son preferred one boob over the other, the other got engorged, he wouldn't sleep, wouldn't latch and so I started pumping. Kid's gotta eat. I really didn't want to seem like a brat registering for such an expensive gift.

Next time, I will buy this breast pump instead.
I know what you're thinking, "How can a pump cost as much as my car payment!?" I know, that's what I said! But lets face it, you're glued to the sucker for months, so why not have the Cadillac, instead of the Pinto. (I curse you Pinto, you no-good piece of plastic!)
I won't buy as many of these diapers, that aren't bad, but certainly aren't as good as these awesome cloth diapers. There are so many reasons to cloth diaper...I could go on and on about how much I love them, how soft they are, how adorable they are, how they clean so well, how they keep my sons bottom dry, etc. etc. but I won't. It's an investment. They're a little pricey at first, but once you have a good collection started, you can use them over and over for future babies! Thanks Morgan <3>
My suggestions to an expectant mom:

Don't bother buying sleepers with snaps. It's a waste of time. They're cute, but imagine yourself waking up every two hours at night changing your baby, and having to snap a trillion snaps to redress your baby each time.

Instead, buy little shirt kimonos:
Kimonos, socks, and a zip up sleep sacks are the way to go. Maybe it was the fact that our baby couldn't wear cute sleepers and had to wear a harness, so we had to think of a better way to dress him for bed, but it sure is easier just putting them in a sleep sack with a shirt and socks. He lived in kimonos for 6 weeks. They're amazing. I also LOVE zip up jammies. You can usually find them super cheap at Savers.

Invest in a good baby Bjorn. My son is well over 15 lbs. , and we still put him in his baby Bjorn to go on walks, to shop at the store, and to travel. He loves it. My only wish is that I had gotten the one with mesh holes that breathes better for walking in the heat.
I mean, look at how stylish and sophisticated this European couple looks!

For the next baby, I won't waste my money on new born clothes, instead, I'll go straight to 3-6 month and beyond. Conrad wore his new born clothes for literally 2 hours and although they were adorable, I ended up selling all of them (brand new with tags still attached) at a yard sale. (Baby's are never the size the tag says. Conrad is 5 months old, wearing 12 & 18 month jammies and onesies.) and I'm sure my baby isn't the only baby wearing larger sizes. We don't realize how fast they grow!

Another thing I wished someone would have told me, SHOP AT THE THRIFT STORE!
I can't tell you how many brand new, name brand clothes I've thrifted for him for super cheap! It's almost pointless buying new for a baby. I love the thrift store!

If you have any baby products that you just couldn't have lived without, do share!


  1. that's the breast pump i have and it has been really good (especially considering i pumped exclusively for 8 whole months). and guess our last sale we had a hospital grade pump for sale, as well as the nice Medela one with a leather case. I'm pretty sure we'll have them again, so you may be coming into a better one very soon!

    also, you should check out the Ergo baby carrier. it is supposed to be the best carrier next to mei-teis and slings. it's like a bjorn, but it mimics being held close like a sling instead having the baby's weight hang away from you.

    and...wait for sister and I both got one at our last sale! i haven't used mine yet, obviously, since jonas would have a FIT if i tried to confine him that much, but i did run a full block and back with a 2 yr old in one on my back when i first tried it, and it was AWESOME.

  2. i'll have to check it out.

    I want to find a picture of it so I can see what it looks like.

    I'm SO excited for the sale. Is your mom going to make up flyers? If so, let me have some so I can hand them out to my girlfriends!

  3. I invested in the side snap shirts right after birth..I LOVE them. Usually at 4:30 in the morning, if she even has clothes on, I button 1 button on her onsie out of shear laziness. My pump worked great it was the playtex one. I only used it for a week even worked great after someone stepped on the suction cord and broke it. Pyper still wears her newborns...most of them and I will put them on her till she screams cause her head won't go through the head hole antmore. :)

  4. I couldn't have lived without my Handsfree bottle when Austin was younger. THE biggest time saver!

  5. I have a friend with twins who loves her hands free bottles. What an awesome invention!

    Kisses to Austin!