Tuesday, August 4

First Apple

I think this smile means he wants another lick!

We haven't given him solids yet. I'm waiting until I get back from Texas. He will then be over 5 months. But this weekend Dustin shared his apple with Conrad and we think he liked it. We've decided to make all of his food ourselves. We figure, it's less expensive, and better for him. If you have any baby food recepies, send them my way! 


  1. hey girl, I have 3 really awesome books on making your own baby food. When we get back to Vegas, Ill make sure to get them to you until we need them ourselves! Good choice in deciding to make your own! :) See you guys soon!

  2. I've always said that when I have kids I'd make their baby food myself... Williams Sonoma has some amazing stuff exactly for this!


  3. I got a book for Sofia for her baby shower on organic home made baby food making but haven't purchased it for myself yet. My doctor said it's kind of the new "trendy" thing to do (making baby food) but my Mom used to make mine, and I just think theres something really weird about food that can sit on the shelves for months and months. Plus, I've tasted just about every kind of baby food, and IF they make me want to barf, why would I feed them to my baby? Anyway.

    I saw that awesome baby food steamer cooker and food processor all in one at william sonoma last time we stopped in there. It's pretty rad.

  4. Food that can sit in your pantry for 5 years without going bad is something I always try to avoid. All the preservatives just freak me out... Especially when you think about feeding them to a baby! I even have trouble eating tuna from a can just knowing its been sitting around.

    The all-in-one baby food cooker/processor is so cool looking it makes me want kids just so I can get one. : ) Can't wait to read about how the baby food experiment goes!

  5. I already started playing with our food processor and froze some squash for the baby to try first. We're going to do all veggies first and then do fruit after. I'm going to invest in some ice trays to make little food cubes and jars with lids.

    I worked in a nursery with babies for 2 years and smelling all of the Gerber food grossed me out. They taste like a penny. I totally feel you on the preservatives.

  6. Auntie Desi04 August, 2009

    Hey Chels! I made all home made baby food for both of the girls when it wasn't the trendy thing to do. LOL! It is easy especially if you eat healthy (which you do) and you just use whatever veggies you are cooking for dinner and then take the left over veggies and freeze them. Then when he graduates to eating meat and pasta and such you just grind up whatever you made for dinner! It is awesome. Also, good decision on doing all veggies first. That's what I did cause my Mom suggested it and my kids have very good eating habits now and LOVE all veggies! If you feed them fruit first they won't want the veggies cause fruit is all sweet and yummy! I am so proud of what a good Mommy you are! I knew you would be! But reading your blog makes me a little sad that we are so far away. :,(

  7. Hey Des.

    I always use you as an example when I imagine how I want to teach Conrad how to eat. You always feed the kids so well. I'm not so good about the starch, protein, veggie, and fruit. youre so good about that.

  8. i made most of Jonas's food, mostly just because it was cheaper. all you really need is a blender. my MIL got me a magic bullet, which was convenient because you can steam the veggies in the microwave right in the bullet thing, but it is so not necessary. I usually ended up steaming big batches on the stove and blending them in the blender, then freezing them in ice cube trays. i think all of my recipes are on my old computer though! i'll see what i can find...