Sunday, August 23

a few of my favorite things...

1. Weekends
2. Husband
3. Food

I love the weekends because it's our US time. We get to really enjoy cooking and take our time doing it which doesn't happen on the weekdays when I have to whip something up quickly. I think it reminds me of when we dated and Dustin would try to impress me with his cooking (which did impress me because cooking was so intimidating to me.) Following recipes can't be that hard!?

This weekend, we made crepes, and raspberry vinaigrette chicken lettuce wraps! The wraps were supposed to have toasted walnuts in them, but I bunted them and stunk up our house...oops! They were super easy, inexpensive and delicious!

I really love my weekends!

What are your favorite things to cook??

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