Sunday, July 19

This Weekend:

Conrad received a knitted hooded sweater from his adopted grandmother Marcelle
 who loves to bless us with knitted things! (It even has a kangaroo pouch in the front to hold his toy trucks!)
My little chubby angel sleeping soundly

Uncle Vinni & I cooked together. Something we used to do a lot when I was preggers and Dustin had classes late at night.  My brother would invite me over and cook for me and we'd watch the food network. He's an excellent cook. 
Bake the squash for 1 hour 45, puree it, put it in tortillas with cooked shrimp, cheese, with pureed tomitillos and have yourself some yummy enchilladas!
tōməˈtē(y)ō, I still can't pronounce it!

I sported a side bun.

I smothered 
Conrad got split in half
And made into a comic book character 

He was a defiant little sleeper!
Uncle Vinni loves Rad-nasty
Practiced his standing abilities for Vinni. 
What a show off!
He giggled as he was thrown in the air again and again! 
We enjoyed french toast
Rain drops dripped off of his tiny fingers for the first time. 
Maybe he likes rain just as much as we do?!
Daddy brushed what is left of Conrad's balding hair!

( It's freaking me out how much of a little boy he loooks like in the picture above! Please Conrad, don't grow up so fast! It's scaring Mommy!)


  1. The food looks yummy. Vinnie would make someone a great husband and a wonderful father.
    Loved the picture of Conrad laughing. So cute.
    Have a great day.
    love you

  2. what a wonderful weekend.

    the enchiladas sound delicious, and whad'dya know, i have a couple of home grown squash on my counter right now!

  3. What part of AZ do you live?

    Dustins applying for jobs and asked me last night what I thought of Arizona?

    I'm a little jealous of your farmers markets and fresh veggies!