Monday, July 20

A name with a meaning

In decorating our lil' dudes room we decided we wanted to have his name in his room, I know it's super trendy... So we decided we'd try to make it more meaningful by photographing letters from the billboards of important places that mean something to us.

The night Dustin proposed to me, we went to the our favorite Mexican food restaurant off of Charleston and Main called Casa Don Juan. (Go there! The margaritas are served in a whole pineapple. You'll die, they're amazing.) We used the "C" from Casa Don Juan.
When we found out we were pregnant, we were living in condos called Horizons At Seven Hills. Lots of memories in that condo. So we used the "O" 
Twice a year on our birthdays for the last few years, Dustin's Dad has given us comps to eat at our favorite steak house Hanks, so we used the "N"
For our first date we ever went on, Dustin took me to Blue Berry Hill and we went on a long drive and listened to music. I just thought it was a really unpredictable place to take me and I liked that about Dustin. I'll never forget that night. So I used the "R" from Blue Berry Hill.
The first apartment we lived in right after we got married was Arroyo Grande Apartments. It was fun living together for the first time. It was a sweet little one bedroom that we loved so much. So we used the "A" 
And It was only fitting that we use the "D" From the Howard Hugh's school of Engineers because that's what his Dad will soon become, and it has played a huge part in paving the way for our families future. 
This picture frame of photos will hang in our sons room, and hopefully when he's older he'll still think it's cool enough to stay in his room....It's a special reminder of the years spent together before our son came into this world. 


  1. im probably going to steal this idea someday. youre so creative.

  2. Me too I love that idea!

  3. omg i have to steal this... puh-leeeease please let me steal this!

  4. You girls can steal whatever you wish. Thanks for the complements!

    Love you all!

    allie, I miss you. We need to hang out soon.

    Sarah, you are looking amazing!

    and Janelle/sarah, We need to plan a play date soon!

  5. what a a great idea! My sister is having a baby and I seriously might have to steal this idea.