Monday, July 27

Bellagio this weekend

Thank you Bellagio for giving me colorful things to look at in the lobby at 6:30 am, and a delicious $9.00 latte to sip. The glass sculpture on the ceiling makes up for the security guard who kicked us out (for taking photos with out permission...and using their handy cap stall in the bathroom as our personal dressing room). Unfortunately, I still feel ripped off. $9 for a latte? Really? It just goes to show, I'll pay just about anything if I'm tired and desperate for my coffee! 


  1. What the hell were doing there at 6am? Crazy girl. :) And I will pay 300 dollars for coffee if it's needed so I feel you there. I love the art at the Bellagio. You captured it nicely.

  2. aw one of my favorite parts of the bellagio. sometimes i actually miss vegas!

  3. Your banner is adorable. Is that your family?

  4. Yes, that's our family.

    My husband, baby and myself.

    We just had a baby 4 months ago.

    Thanks for stopping by!