Friday, June 5

Us lately

I've been wanting to take this shot forever now, and finally got the tripod set up and did it. It was hard to get the babe's feet to stay still...this would have been ideal had he been asleep. He's never going to be as small as he is today-and I must document every moment I can.

Conrad is growing like a weed. (Think a really skinny long weed...) He was hanging out with his friends Lorelai & Oliver this weekend who are almost 6 months (I must post pics soon. The three of them together was too damn cute, and I CAN'T wait until Conrad's personality starts coming out like O & L's...too cute!) Conrad was the exact same height, but skinnier. I guess his Dad's kinda tall...I dunno. None of his jammie onesies fit him length wise anymore. He's grown out of all of his 3 month clothes because he's got long legs. He and his dad are going to drive me nuts trying to buy their clothes and shoes. and I guess he's started teething. All this kid does is gnaw on his hands all day, scream and cry in pain, drool on every article of clothing he owns, and refuses to sleep anywhere but my lap for the last few afternoons. Once I apply oregel, or give tylenol, he's in it must be the teeth right?? Someone help a mama out, when did your baby start? Ugh! And he's started pooping on everything he can get his butt on. I feel like all I do all day is spot treat clothing, blankets, and everything else the kid can poop on. It's getting ridiculous actually. I know I need to go up a size in my diapers, but he can't possibly be 14 lbs yet. I know he isn't! How in the world does he manage to have such gnarly blow outs all the way up his back, and down his little chicken legs every day! Someone help a sister out!


  1. my friend, celina calls the blow outs up the back "back sliders"- love it. he seems really young for teething? have you asked your doctor? maybe he just likes sucking?

    gotta go, my kids are coloring on the table...

  2. Symptoms of teething:
    Drooling (which can lead to a facial rash)
    Gum swelling and sensitivity
    Irritability or fussiness
    Biting behavior
    Refusing food
    Sleep problems

    Conrad has experienced all of these issues.

    Baby's usually cut teeth around 4-7 months. My mom said that my brother and I started teething very early. It might be nothing, but the oregel seems to make him happy!