Wednesday, June 24

Stroller in a ditch...

Today started out just like all of the other days start out...

Baby gets fed, I drink a sip of coffee, scarf down a granola bar & banana, put on my extra tight sports bra so my jugs don't go flyin' around, and I'm off to run the trail by my house before the sun gets too hot or baby needs his nap.

It's a beautiful day, weathers nice, theres a little gust of wind, it's wonderful. I've got energy and I've got Beyonce blaring on the ipod. I'm really starting to feel the burn in my legs and I'm breaking a sweat, "Go Chels" is what I'm thinking. As I'm running I'm remembering the cheese cake I ate the night before at 3 AM after I fed the baby and needed a snack, or the roast beef sandwich earlier this week again at 3 AM, or the blue berry muffin and extra large glass of milk, and I'm thinking to myself "You go girl, burn those treats right off your ass!" Work it girl!" and I push myself on. (Breast feeding makes you super hungry...)

Then Conrad decides he's had enough of my shenanigans and the heat is too much, so he starts to throw a fit. I don't blame him...So I stop the train, try to comfort him, put a thin blanket around the stroller so the sun isn't in his eyes, I reinsert his pacifier, and we're back on the trail. Then he cries louder and this time he's not messin around. So i quickly stop, grab my baby Bjorn out of the bottom of the stroller, grab Conrad out and start to put him in the Bjorn when I realize my jogging stroller is headed off of the trail full speed ahead and all I can do is watch it roll right off of the steep edge of the trail in slow motion, and into a rocky deserty ditch....

I thought about running after it, but then realized it wasn't going to happen. I watched the back tires go over the front tire and everything fly into the air. My ipod, cell phone, sun glasses, sun screen, everything you can imaging being in the baby bag flew out as was a disaster. So i stopped two kind ladies and asked them if they could hold my screaming baby while I made my way down this steep rocky hill to retrieve my belongings. A man came along and assisted me, thank God, and I tried my darnedest not to lose my mind and fall apart. I looked like a damn retard having a stranger hold my infant while a man helped me collect stray diapers and handed me my bottle of breast milk with dirt all over was awesome. Not.

Then when the stroller was safely back on the trail, all 3 of my helpers kept repeating phrases like, "Thank God the baby wasn't in the stroller...can you imagine! Thank God!" as I'm shaking like a leaf. (My nerves were shot, and I was quite embarrassed to say the least...) I quickly grab my baby, thank them and put him back in his Bjorn...he screamed for the entire 12 minutes of me speed walking back to the car!

What a great work out.

I know, that's what I was thinking too.

So i feel like the worlds biggest idiot-mother who let the stroller roll into a ditch. There you go, if you've let your baby roll off of a piece of furniture, or called poison control because the baby you were watching ate nail polish (I'm raising my hand) don't feel so bad.

I told my cousin this story tonight and I told her that I felt like telling those kind Samaritans "Of course the baby wouldn't have been in the stroller, you morons, He's my main focus, I was so focused on getting him out as soon as possible, that I totally forgot to put the break on my stroller, HENCE THE WHOLE STROLLER IN THE DITCH THING??!!


that's my life story!

In other news, Conrad rolled from his belly half way onto his back yesterday. I have a video to prove it. It's seriously, I'm sure it's super boring if you're not a mom but i'm posting it anyway.....The video is like 3 minutes of me waiting for him to roll over half way....what can I say.


  1. I'm sorry about your ditch experience! I am so glad you got little Conrad out in time! LOL! I am just kidding! What lovely people who helped you! {note the sarcasm} Well at least after you got the horrible story out we could have a little laugh about it. I'm sure it was funny at all at the time....... I love you bunches!

  2. thats a funny story and quite the epitomy of my life story everyday--I do h ave to say though that I do not think the people were saying you were a "bad mom" all moms know what it feels like and what happens the moment you turn your head. I have not only locked my 2 month old (Kaleb) in the car at home depot in June--where CPS was contacted because my dad called the fire department and not me--I was calling AAA and whose locksmith got their first, ya AAA not the fire departments, but anyways I also had my child sitting comfortablly in his carseat on a table and turned to tend to the 5 children I was babysitting while my son arched his back and right on his head on the concrete pool decking--once again the fire department was called and I looked like a crazy momma, but all I can say is MOMS know, even the older moms --brush is off they werent criticizing your parenting. Your being hard on yourself.

  3. I remeber the days when you were "dumpster diving" you've resorted to "ditch diving". Ah well, it happens to the most 'perfect' of mommys. You'll have more bumps and bruises and near misses in the years to come; and will swear you were just seconds away from catchin' him. So,just try to stay out-o-them ditches you Awesome Lil' Mommy. :)

  4. Aw honey this happens to the best of moms. I bet theres not a mom in the world that does not have a similar story to tell.
    You are a good mom, so shake it off and go on to the next walk with Conrad.
    love you bunches

  5. I can laugh at it now, but if you could only see that stroller tumbling down the hill and flipping in the air, you would be frazzled too. I felt like I was watching it happen in slow motion....

    Sara, you're hilarious. Your story makes me smile. I'm just a new mom whose just getting my feet wet! It's nice to know that this crap happens to everyone else! I'm sure they were just trying to be nice, and I didn't take offense, I think I was just being dramatic for the sake of entertaining my Mother and making her laugh.

    Glad everyone else could laugh with me.

  6. I swear Chels I can't read your blogs without laughing to tears. I run a video in my head of this happening. I would have broke down. Your much stronger then I.I would have grabbed my cell and i-pod and left the scene. LOL!!

  7. Moms are the best! Dont forget we make the world go round--and where would we be without stories to tell of strollers rolling off into ditches or locking babies in cars--Freakin out I might add, moms are moms and we arent perfect, but like I said where would the world be today without mommy's!