Thursday, June 18

The Mole

I gave Dustin his annual head shaving and freaked out when I found a new "mole" on his head. I searched the Internet and learned that Melanoma is found on males on their necks and scalps, and the pictures of cancer looked similar to the mole on his head, so we scheduled for a visit to the dermatologist and got an appointment for the very next day. The mole wasn't there last time we shaved his head, and the thing is massive y'all. It's like a half inch by half inch...Better safe than sorry (even if we don't have insurance, you can't mess around with this stuff man.) So the doctor numbed him and took a biopsy and said he wanted to test the mole, but to not worry too much because it's most likely just a mole. I'm the sun screen Nazi as it is, and when Dustin worked at the golf course, he was in the sun all day everyday for 4 years and I used to get on him for not wearing sun screen...

We're praying that it is just a mole and nothing crazy.

Conrad learning how to hold his bottle like a big boy,
and Daddy with his new short hair!

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