Monday, June 1

How Do You Worship God?

Singing songs to God in church may be your favorite way to worship, but you can find God just about anywhere...

This week, I finally got up to a 58 min. workout. When I found out I "with child", I stopped running and instead power walked because I was afraid of massacring. So you can imagine seeing my fat ass trying to run up a hill for the first time after being huge. Just running for a straight 5 minutes was a big deal. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I looked like I lived in a van down by the river (did anyone get that?)

Just a few weeks before I found out I was pregnant, I ran an 8 mile work out. I came home with sun burns on my scalp, thighs, and shoulders. (I've learned now to wear sun screen). I was gone for well over an hour and a half. I remember Dustin saying he was about to call a search party. I usually run on trails or in the desert. I was itching to run when I was pregnant, and even tried once when we were out on our walk, and Dustin was like "Babe, just stop." I was pretty big at this point. We both laughed at how silly I looked. I missed the feeling I got when I ran.

I don't run just to get my cellulite to GO AWAY! Or to have a fit ticker, I run because that's where I meet God. That's where I worship. Once I get past that 20 minute mark and the endorphins kick in and I start feeling good, the sweat starts to bead down my face, I can feel the rocks crunching beneath my feet, I'm all alone and the suns going down for the day, I reflect, God speaks truth to my heart and my troubles melt away. I've had many long conversations, I've had moments where I felt Him say to me "Stop, sit down, don't think about anything and just look around at stuff with me." God's creation is crazy-marvelous and I forget to realize how intricately he put it all together. It's pretty amazing.

One of my biggest motivations has been my friend Erin. After she had her first baby, she ran at the gym for two hours on the treadmill three times a week to get herself ready for her first marathon, and she ran it. I think to myself, If she can do it, I can do it too! And my husband has been a huge encouragement to me. He comes home from work and pushes me out the door to go get my run in.

The other way I feel like I worship God is through my camera. I remember being in Thailand and crying as I looked through my lens, praising God as I was snapping away, looking at these beautiful children and just falling in love. My heart was so full, It was one of the most incredible feelings of my life to experience that with Him. I would go through the photos at night before bed and just give him credit and worship him. (Not that I'm some kind of super star or anything, any good shot that I was lucky enough to capture were all accredited to Him.)

Girl praying

Grandmother "happily" posing for photo

Woman reading a news paper in jewelry store while a man smokes a cigarette

A friend of ours said that he worships God by flying a kite. He goes to a park and stands there with his kite and has his time with God. I think that's pretty neat.

How Do you worship?

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