Sunday, June 21

Happy Fathers Day!

"I look just like Daddy"

Thanks for being the best team-mate I could ever ask for. You make my life so much easier and enjoyable. When I'm having the hardest of days, you're always there to encourage me. I feel like the worlds best Mom because of you, and when I mess up, I still feel like I rule at this because of your love that pushes me on. So thank you. I've had a lot of fun raising the little turd with you the last 3 months. I know it's hard but you're doing a great job honey, and I appreciate all you do. I honor that you put us ahead of yourself and your desires so often, but today is your day, so sit back and watch golf while I make you champagne mimosas for breakfast and don't feel guilty for eating as much bacon as your heart desires! You deserve it! Don't lift a single finger! I'll wipe Conrad's dirty butt all day while you soak up the sun at the pool and enjoy this day because it's all about you. You've been a fantastic Dad! Conrad says thank you, he told me today when I laid him down for his nap. He said he wants to be just like you when he's all growns up.
Love you babe.
He's just asking to have his face eaten off with that goofy little smile....he's asking for it!

Ps: Im SO shaving your chest hair, like asap....It's getting out of control.

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  1. so cute!! you two make me want to get married you hot little couple ;) Happy First Father's Day Dustin!!!