Tuesday, May 26

What a big guy he is becoming

This week he woke up just once at night for the first time.

 This week he has started eating 6 oz.

This week he flung his little legs in the air and rolled over to one side.

This week he has started to coo more and smile like crazy when he sees Dad. 
Evidence of smiles....picture got cut off.
This week he sat in his swing and gave me 15 mins. to clean! 

and This week he is starting to take naps in his own bed and not his bassinet in our room. 

What a big boy!
& that makes us very happy!


  1. Auntie Desiree28 May, 2009

    YOU LOOK ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! There is NO WAY that you JUST had a baby! You look smokin' hot! I love you and Baby Conrad to pieces!

  2. you're the best cousin ever. Love you!