Friday, May 15

I heart George Michael Bluth

I fell in love with GMB after watching an embarrassing amount of Arrested Development episodes with my husband....
The truth is, He remindes me of Dustin when he was 18 and that's why I love him.....

18 year old Dustin as seen below:
(I kept this photo framed on my night stand when we were dating...)
Michael Cera:
(Slight resemblance)

All of my "celebrity crushes" seem to be the super nerdy type/sarcastic type which 
makes me think of Dustin. 
That's why I love Stephen Colbert so much, and Joel McHale because they're hilarious.
I jump up and down like a school girl when the Colbert Report or the Soup come on!

Go see this movie:

and this movie:
and rent Strangers with Candy and Arrested Development.

You'll thank me.


  1. I would marry Michael Cera tomorrow!!! Have you seen Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist yet?? I should bring it over one night you would LOVE it!!!

  2. Amanda, I saw it and the teenage sex scenes weirded me out a little but i'm OBSESSED with Juno.

    The scene in the very end where he's laying in the hospital bed with her in his track cleats kills me...i LOST it. I loved him in that movie.