Friday, April 10

Happy Easter

As we reflected on what Easter means to us last night in the car on our way to get Conrad's picture taken with Mr. Easter bunny/ man in Easter bunny costume, we talked about how we were raised and how our parents celebrated this holiday. My family always celebrated by enjoying my Dad's famous glazed ham, and getting silly gifts that were always fun to receive as a kid, or dying eggs, or my very favorite Easter memory, my Dad's scavenger hunt. Every year, he and my Mom write out riddles that lead us to various places in my parents house where eggs are hidden. I think now that we're all adults, this tradition is more fun for my parents than it is for us. I think they think it's funny to try to stump us, and watch grown adults run around the house looking for plastic eggs. 

These holidays that we celebrate mean more than presents, food, family get togethers, and my cute baby posing with the Easter Bunny in his cute bunny ears hat?!! 
(As you can see, Conrad wasn't too impressed with the Easter Bunny as he made sure to sleep through the whole ordeal. )

My parents were "catholic" when I was growing up, but didn't raise me to know who Jesus is, now they will raise their grandson to worship Jesus because of their great love of the Lord....

But we never celebrated what it meant that Jesus died for us to reconcile us to God, or that he proved Himself in resurrecting after he was killed. We never celebrated the huge-ness of what Jesus did coming into the world in human form to be like us, and then suffering for us so that we would never have to walk this world alone... that He paid for our sin when we should have paid for it ourselves by spending eternity separated from God, but we don't have to. 

Thank God for that! 

There are so many things that I think of when I realize all of the reasons why Jesus died for me. Why He chose me, why He loves me. It's the most beautiful, romantic story I could ever imagine. And I can't wait to live out my love of God for my son. 

Today is Good Friday
This weekend is Easter   Go check out their most recent post. 

Happy Good Friday
Happy Easter 
I Love you
Jesus Loves you more


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