Wednesday, March 18

March 18th 2009

was the day my husband was born 24 years ago today.
Happy Birthday sweetness. So sorry I forgot to get you a birthday card...all I've had on my mind lately is this baby coming. With my doctor saying she thinks i'll go into labor by the end of this week, and all of the pre-labor signs, especially all of the crazy contractions (that made me have to leave work early today), I hope to make it up to you with a baby instead. I think we can both agree that a baby would be the best gift to receive on the week of your birthday anyways.

Just wanted to say happy birthday and may we share many more years of watching tv in bed while sharing a carton of ice cream, and scarfing down burgers together, and watching The Soup and making me pee from laughing at how funny you are, and learning how to be parents together, and weathering through storms, and falling more in love, and me searching for your grey hairs and pulling them out to show my Mom how you're so hot like George Clooney with your grey hairs! You bring so much joy into my life and I feel like a kid when I'm around you.

I love you...Happy Birthday Daddy.

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