Sunday, February 1

This weekend...

My preggers friend Morgan came over and I madeblueberry pancakes and turkey bacon and then we went on a long walk. It was a beautiful time of seeing her adorable 20 week baby bumpkins and catching up! Can't wait til' she's huge!!! It's going to be adorable!Dustin & I FINALLY watched Broke Back Mountain, (after having Netflixed it over a month ago.) It wasn't nearly as great as I was expecting, especially because Ledger blew my mind in Candy and Monsters Ball plus, who doesn't love 10 Things I Hate About You when he serenades Kat dancing down the bleachers?!?! That's like every 13 year olds (24 year olds) dream.We also watched some of Clueless, which made me feel pretty nostalgic thinking back to 7Th grade when my sisters and I knew every line to this movie ("Rollin' with the homies!") Plus, dude, Paul Rudd?? OMG- I was crushin' mad hard back then.

My craving for deep fried pickles had to be quenched, so my husband breaded and fried me up some pickles! Thanks for making it happen babe, you rock! I ate the whole plate, it was more than amazing! Your burgers were pretty much the best i've ever had too just so you know. Thanks Dustino.
Other than not getting adequate sleep with my countless tossing and turning and running into furniture, blindly trying to get out of bed to pee 12 times a night, (I told my husband we must get a night light. He can't live like a vampire forever! He's so neurotic about sleeping in complete darkness that he has a ritual of covering the DVD player and pinning our black sheets over our already dark curtains every night so our room is pitch black. He even covered the little green light on the smoke detector in our room, because that tiny little green light was emitting far too much light and making it impossible for him to sleep! We might not be able to detect a fire in our house, but we'll sure be able to sleep! So I end up falling into things because it's too dark and being pregnant, I wobble easy. WE'RE GETTING A NIGHT LIGHT, end of story!) But other than that, It was a relaxing weekend. Dustin's been cleaning bath tubs and toilets since I can't bend as well. We share chores, but there are things we both will not do. I don't take trash down to the dumpster, Dustin doesn't scrub toilets. That's fair.

I had a pedicure by a Vietnamese grandpa who was seriously 100 years old. We talked about Jesus, homosexuality and love. It was pretty interesting. I've never had anyone so old paint my nails before. He looked a lot like this dude:No joke.

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  1. hahahahahahhaha

    whenever I am down I can always count on your writing to put a smile on my face! Clueless and 10 things I hate about you are amazing no matter how old you are!