Wednesday, February 11

Geek Kitty

When Dustin and I began dating, I started a tradition of drawing the two of us as characters. Mostly to poke fun at our height difference. If you look through old cards or notes, you will find Dustin drawn as a bear with curly hair and glasses, and so on.When I went to Thailand, I gave my sister a stack of 12 cards for Dustin to read for each day that I was gone. That way, he'd be able to hear from me each day of my absents. Every day she would drop a card in the mail and each card had a different drawing on it of Dustin and I, or a joke, or bible verse, or something silly to make him smile. He of course had no idea who was dropping the cards in the mail, but since there were days upon days that we didn't speak, this was something for him to look forward to and before I left, I didn't tell him what I had planned, so it was a fun surprise for him.

I write this because...

Dustin and I write letters to each other that are "from Conrad" from time to time, and I wanted to give Dustin a gift from Conrad (for Conrad), so I found a lady on Etsy who would sew a stuffed animal to resemble Dustin with curly hair, glasses, and some added accessories. I've fallen in love with dinosaurs since I've become pregnant, and they remind us of Conrad, so she sewed a dinosaur onto the stuffed animal. And since Dustin has to do many equations with his Engineering homework, I asked to have a calculator velcrowed to one of his hands, and curly hair, and glasses...

In her Etsy shop, she called this the "Geek Kitty" and with this plaid print, it looks pretty geeky to me, which, Lets be honest here...totally reminds me of my hot-geeky-husband. Here is the end result:Every kid has a stuffed animal that they bond with or a blanket or whatever. Mine was a brown Pound Puppy that I still have to this day. The Pound Puppy's ear has been sewn back on a few times, he has blue paint on him, and his body is completely flattened from me squeezing him tightly at night up until I was 12...or 18, either way.

My hope is that this stuffed animal will be one of Conrad's favorite toys to play with and carry around the house to keep for years and remind him of Dad. It's something different and one of a kind that makes us smile, because It reminds us of the love letters we write one another, and now is something for our son to share with us as well.

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