Wednesday, January 28

31 weeks

Only 9 more weeks to go!

I'm getting really excited seeing all of Conrad's new baby stuff with his name embroidered on it, and all of the boy colors and toys. I got a really neat book from my friend Allie that Dustin & I read together the other night called "Stinky Face" It is such a boy book. I loved it!

A few weeks ago we went to the hospital to register and I was filling out my paper work, and there was a section that said Mother:_________ and as I was writing my name on the line, I couldn't help but cry like a baby as I realized my new title, Mother! I was overwhelmed by joy. It just felt so REAL! It is all happening! (Pregnant woman cry a lot, I feel like I cry more than most. At my shower, I cried every 5 minutes. I'm pathetic!)

Then last night, I had a similar experience when I was registering for some parenting classes on the phone. We signed up to take a Saturday class from 9-5 (that's a LONG day!) to teach us what to expect during delivery, and breathing techniques. Then I signed us up for a breast feeding class from 6-8:30pm. That should be interesting. (I'm hoping I can take my friend Laurens infant CPR class again, maybe dinner at my house in exchange for her CPR services??) But as I walked to my car, talking on the phone to Dustin, I couldn't help but break down. I was feeling overwhelmed because it feels so REAL! And now, theres only 9 weeks or so to go! It's just so exciting.

Conrad is nearly 4 lbs. now! It's fun to watch him as I lay on the couch because I can clearly see him stretching his limbs all the way out as my whole stomach expands. I watch him make slow and steady movements as his body parts glide across my skin. It's a really beautiful & fascinating thing.

My doctor's appointment went well this week. She said I'm actually NOT gestational diabetic, I'm "borderline"??? Whatever that means, and she gave me a diet to follow. She said I've gained 23lbs. so far and I'm doing great. The night of my shower, Dustin and I went to a movie and decided to leave as it began because I was having trouble breathing and feeling dizzy and disoriented. So we got monitored for an hour at the hospital, and I was having contractions. Then we went down to ER so I could have an EKG done on my heart because of irregular heart beats, and a chest X-ray. Then the doctor said I was dehydrated and had to give me fluids...So after 5 and a half hours of being in the hospital taking tests and waiting for results, we finally left at 12:30 and headed to Jack and the Box for a south west chicken salad! It was a long night. I wasn't super happy about having an IV in my arm for 3 1/2 hours while the drunk suicidal lady screamed in the room next to us was being strapped down...She was a higher priority than pulling my IV out. That was fun.

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  1. wow it is sooooo close!! I can't wait to meet Conrad and I'm not even related to him so I can't even imagine what it is like for you and Dustin!! I would love to take you up on the coffee offer soon :) Love you!