Monday, January 12

29th week!

I am now in my 29Th week of baby-carrying. I had a so-so doctors appointment today. I had my 1 hour glucose test a week ago, and it didn't come back great, so I have to go in tomorrow for my 3 hour glucose test in which they draw and test my blood every hour for 3 hours after I drink the syrup concoction (I just want to take this opportunity to say that I HATE NEEDLES and I'm a HUGE baby, I fight back tears every time my blood is drawn! I have NO idea how I EVER got a tattoo, and I'm not particularly excited to have my blood drawn THREE times tomorrow...That's all I have to say about that!) They want to see how my blood metabolizes sugar, and my blood hasn't been metabolizing it very well, so I have to change up my diet a little and cut out the carbs and sugars! No more chicken Parmesan, or Dustin's amazing fried rice, or angel hair pasta with Alfredo sauce, or cookies
I was a little discouraged because I felt like I had been exercising quite a bit, trying to get in a few HOURS of exercise a week and still I'm having issues with possibly having Gestational Diabetes (which the doctor says is hereditary and theres nothing I could have done differently to avoid it no matter how much I exercise or eat right, it just happens to some woman, and it doesn't help that it runs in my famly either!!) That comforted me a bit. I even had an apple and a glass of milk for dessert instead of the brownies in the cupboard I wanted to make last night! I'm trying! We'll have to just see what the test says tomorrow! Pray for good results if you could, it would be much appreciated! Other than that, things are going great! Conrad's heart is strong and he's looking healthy so far! We went on a lovely hour and a half long walk on Sunday morning and I am still able to hold a conversation without falling over and being completely out of breath. I threw up only once this week!!! Hallelujah!
I took some photos of my friend Vicki's new twins yesterday which I will be posting soon. I got to spend time with my dear Friend Bobbie this weekend and she took our maternity pictures, which I'm sure I'll love and i can't wait to see them! She's giving them to me at my baby shower! I can't wait!
Dustin & I are reading an amazing book "Shepherding a child's heart",which has my highlighter almost dried out with all of the amazing insights to parenting I've been trying to absorb and highlight! It helps me look back at what my parents did in my childhood or other parents I see do, and I'm seeing the task of parenting in a new light. My eyes are opened to the psychology of how children think and how God can help me love my son better as he grows. (I'll have more to share as I read deeper into the books message.)


  1. aaaaah. what is your baby shower date?

  2. A good follow up to Shep. A Child's Heart is Grace Based Parenting by Ted Kimmel. Also, has audio from a conference Ted Tripp did at Mars Hill in Seattle last fall.


  3. let me know how the tests go, I'll be praying everything is perfect. you have a tattoo!?

    i love your blog!