Wednesday, December 3

My lil Railroad conductor

My brother is one of my best friends. As much as we can't stand each other sometimes, we've always been super close. I spend my day working as his assistant helping him do things at work that are hard to do because of the condition with his eye sight. I am his eyes, and he is the brains. If you're in the office for any length of time, you will probably hear us making fun of each other, getting pissed at each other, laughing (until I throw up)...because my brother is one of the funniest people on earth! And usually, you can find us hanging out after work as well. We both share the love for shopping, and cooking. Today, he bought a Christmas present for his unborn nephew from Gap seen here:

Because every kid has to have that one outfit that's totally gay (as my brother would say of this outfit) with the matching hat, seen here:

Thanks Uncle Vinni! I just might have to find a pair of grown-up overalls so you guys can be twinsies!

Now, I have to get back to baby-clothes-lust-fest 2008 as I browse at this adorable, I-must-have-this-outfit-or I'll surly die--OMG I'M HYPERVENTILATING!!!

UGH!!!- AND THE LUMBERJACK SHIRT!!!?? What?? Who comes up with this stuff?



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  1. He will surely thank us all when he is older for making him look so awesome. Wait til you see what happens when I get to dress him.