Wednesday, November 19

I heart CraigsList

I'm in love with Craig and this is why... I don't want my relatives to spend buckets full of money on my baby gear, so I've been searching Craigslist everyday looking for specific "already loved" baby stuff at a good price to not break everyone's bank, plus, more importantly, I LOVE ME A GOOD DEAL!

1) I found a beautiful Eddie Bower bassinet for our little man to sleep in for $40.00 that Dustin's Mom snatched up for me! The bedding is gorgeous too. It's very modern with brown squares. LOVE IT!

2) I found my antique white Pottery Barn crib/toddler bed on Craigslist for $150.00 -(That my Mom purchased for me! LOVE YOU MOM!)

3) My (BLUE) Jeep Jogging Stroller, (even before I knew our baby was a boy!) So he can run with me while I get my flab back to fab!

4) And last night I picked up a black and white Pack and Play for Nana Markus's house! I wanted Baby Robbins to have a cute stylish pack and play to take naps in and play in at his Nana's house, so I had to get it because it's SO my Mom...

My brother has gone with me to pick up all of my baby-treasures to make sure I don't get murdered, and he always tells people "I'm the uncle!" So no one thinks he's the baby-daddy! It cracks me up! He is VERY vocal about not wanting children, but I have a feeling when he sees his nephew, he'll fall in love. He has called the baby his nephew ever since the day I got pregnant. It wasn't even an option for him to think my baby was a girl! He even won $160.00 on a bet at work because he knew it was a boy! I love my brother! He'll be a great uncle.


  1. When I substitute teach, there are like 6 websites that i have access to on school computers, so i spent the last few minutes looking at seventies-esque sweet little man heres this:

    I dont LOVE this one, but the hot air balloons are so sweet:


  2. That was the pack n play I really wanted but they had already discontinued it when I went to by it. I LOVE IT!