Monday, October 27

My Golden Year!

I don't know why this excited me so much, but this being my Golden year and all, I just felt really special I be 24 on the 24th!

I told Dustin that this has been the best birthday up to date- and here's why...

1. Usually, my Mom & Dad take the whole family to dinner and doing that 3 times a year (with my sister, brother and myself) can get costly, so this year I opted not to celebrate with a big dinner, and instead, I got surprised by my parents at work with balloons, a bag of *sexy* stretch mark creams and a totally hot- not at all moo-moo looking dress *sarcasm*, and a delicious Oreo cheese cake! (Cheesecake & Crime off of Eastern and Horizon....I'm officially addicted, and i don't even like cheese cake! It's that good! I call this cake "The Devil" and when I was opening it, I was asking my Mom what this cold little box could be, knowing exactly what it was, and she playfully said "The Devil!" She's so cute!) My brother planned the surprise - and also ordered pizza for the whole office! I have to say, sitting at work with my parents and brother having cheese cake sure topped any big family dinner I could have ever dreamed of.

2. Dustin's Dad's mom- Grandma Lois, sent me my most memorable birthday card of the year.....(she's the wild one. I love her because we're the same height, she has really cute un-old-ladyish style, and we have a really great video of her dancing her lil' old butt off at our wedding...hilarious!) telling me how excited she is for the new great grand baby and a check for $24.00. Maybe it's the hormones, but when i saw that precious card, i burst into tears because she was so thoughtful and knew it was my "Golden" birthday. Hence the 24 dollar check! So cute!

3. A Romantic date with my husband at Hanks- We went to dinner at my fav. place and got to relax and enjoy each other. I didn't feel guilty at all for ordering not 1 but 2 orders of Oysters Rockefeller, which were so amazing my mouth waters at the thought of them! We usually always order a martini (or 2) at Hanks, but this time, even with my badgering and insisting that Dustin get a drink, he said "Drinking isn't as enjoyable if i can't enjoy it with you!" (I kind of thought that was super cute) ....I always tell him that just because i can't drink, doesn't mean he shouldn't enjoy a nice drink or beer now and then. I told Dustin that if I were ever on death row- this meal at Hanks would be my last meal! We had a wonderful time.

(The only bad part of the night was when I almost died walking down the stairs in my green bubble dress and patent leather 5 inch black Steve Madden- hooker platforms! I think now that I'm also almost 5 months pregnant, my 5 inch black-hooker-platforms will have to be retired for the time being. They're my most comfortable shoes and super-hot to boot, and they also make me feel like I'm going to take a head first crash dive down our stair so I think it's safe to say they may be collecting dust for a while. I would hate to have to explain to our child that the reason why he/she has a funky shaped head is because Mom loved fashion over comfort during pregnancy.....and I fell alot because I insisted on wearing cute heels-)

4. The day before my birthday, I had a lovely dinner with two woman who went with me to Thailand last year. Bobbie, who is 59 with one son, and Tracy who is 39 with no children, and then There's me, 24 with a bun in the oven! This was truly a tremendous gift to be poured into by these wise woman. To share honestly the fears and joys of pregnancy and motherhood, to cry together, pray together and talk passionately about politics together! I was comforted to know that people like these two extraordinary ladies will be around to love our baby- it really brought me a lot of joy to get advice from two people who I care deeply for.

I couldn't have asked for more this year. For a year with very little as far as material gifts, or vacations, I was reminded by my husband that I am rich in love and friendship! I don't think I've ever felt as loved as I have this year. *tear*

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